Har Fiddledy Dee
I'm Max. I'm 18 and I live in London, England. Have fun.

just a reminder that i moved to the url stuntladding about 41 years ago

i logged back into my old blog by mistake

bye now

ive got my reserve blog waiting to go so i guess its just a case of moving there now

its been nice to know you pals

ill follow some of you but mostly i just need a break from having my own view aggressively shoved down my own eye socket

Who will you follow if you delete this blog?

i haven’t quite decided yet, but it’ll probably the top 5% of blogs i follow who i don’t really talk to outside of tumblr

The coolest people on the planet.

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i finally know

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snatly replied to your post: im gonna probably delete this tumblr soon but i’ll…

i better be one of those 4 people ya nerd. u can’t escape me

dont tell me how to live my life stan im gonna follow sips and thats it

im gonna probably delete this tumblr soon

but i’ll remake like a small one and follow like 4 people

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cunt of the day, boys and girls

if i mssge u enifing will u pt it on ur blog ???

if i msmea gfdaf isdfnad fsdigt sg mdfg ksdngdsfb adsdfmn asdk